Whether you’re looking to increase operational efficiency, properly assess performance, stay ahead of evolving market challenges, or seize new business opportunities, Pamar Systems has the services you need to truly unlock your agency’s potential.

Problem solving at lightning speed. In addition to software products, Pamar Systems is a services and solutions company providing consulting, technology, and integrated solutions to our clients.

One-on-One Training

Whether you need assistance with new employee training, learning a new system feature, or getting a quick refresher, our One-on-One training is for you. Our skilled technicians will save you time by getting you the training when and where you need it. Using remote access, you get the convenience of having in-house IT staff at a fraction of the cost!


If you need solutions, Pamar Systems has the answers. We listen carefully to your management and staff to implement strategies and services that will provide the highest return in the shortest amount of time. Use our experience to optimize your operations!

Custom Reporting

Do you need a special report for a client? We can help you create reports to fulfill your exact requirements. Our powerful reporting engine can create reports that sort, group, and subtotal your data with the details you need. Once it's complete, your report can export to a spreadsheet, print to a file, send via email and FTP, or print to paper.

Data Conversion

If you want expert assistance to build efficient, flexible Import/Export systems to transfer your data, we have a solution for you. Pamar Systems has years of experience in all aspects of data transfer and have established programming for many of the current data standards. Let us secure your data and save you time and money!


Pamar Systems provides relevant, up-to-date consumer information to increase recovery rates and limit legal liabilities. We interface with established vendors like LexisNexis®, Communefx®, and MasterFiles® to help you locate consumers and prioritize your accounts to optimize your debt collections.